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Default Re: HEET/GasDry, winter riding and frozen jets

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I used to wrap my model airplane engines in foil with no dire concequences. (sp?)

Now about putting washer fluid in your fuel.
Don't do it.
I didn't say I was going to put washer fluid in my tank, Joe. I was just pasing along what I was told. To further muddy the issue I took a sample of -25 degree washer fluid to the lab where I work and had it spectrographically analyzied for content. The results surprised me and is the reason I won't be putting that stuff in any fuel tank regardless of what the mechainc does. 67% water, 33% alcohol. Now how does that keep from freezing? Let's ask Saddletramp. Does he freeze when it gets cold outside?
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