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Default Re: NEW... a journey recounted in paragraphs!


GRUBEE HD AXLE KIT w/ DRUM BRAKE... Not as highly praised as once thought! If you notice from my last posts, I'm back a little early... I made a 50 mile trip to the North of Golden, CO and on a mile long incline from Interlocken Loop it wore down and the rivets in the pad met the drum! Never in my life have I seen 500lbs reach 60 un-assisted MPH so fast... lucky I'm writing this! I try to order a new band for the drum and you have to buy the whole brake assembly again, no pads or bands on the market! Admittedly the assembly is only $20 but, I figure I can make my own pad and rivet it to the band on my own. Will keep updated... Post pics maybe tomorrow of my travel rig at Flatirons Crossing!


Sorry for the delay in getting pics of my loaded bicycle... I get home from the trip and Windows 7 crashes and fries my motherboard! Long story short, I now have a new computer!

Almost forgot to take any pictures at all, but I got three.

Notice the rack holding my sleeping bag, bedroll, clothes and emergency radio (50lbs) The backpack on the ground, I've had since Middle School... loaded with over 60lbs of equipment including every tool needed to completely overhaul my bike and replacement parts to go with them! The trailer is where I had to put all of the light stuff like the tent, kitchen, shovels, pans and buckets, food and gasoline. I exceeded the manufacturer's weight by 20lbs to equal 120lbs (not including the trailer) and the trailer did extremely well.

So all said and done, I did over 100 miles with a total weight of 500lbs +/- 15lbs and the bike had no problems except for the cheap Chinese brake on the rear hub...

Here is My Panama Jack Build, 2013 - 142F 4G HD

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