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Default Customizing my pistonbike with good stuff

Hey, i am only a month into the motorized bicycle world. I purchased the 66cc raw racer from kings motor bikes. So far all i have upgraded was the spark plug and went with a silicon distributor wire from auto parts store. I have received a new carb in the mail but had to reorder the bend adjuster that comes off the top of the carb because it was too long and instead of shortening the cable housing i thought i would just take it easy and order a shorter adjuster. So my carb is a dellorto 15.15 and i haven't even used it yet . I live in indiana and was advised to go with 60's range jets . I virtually have no knowlege of carbs as of yet but i found a dellorto manual so i am not worried about that. I guess the remaining upgrades i want to know more about would be the double walled wheels, and braking systems ,tires . I only have the pedal brake that all bikes have. Would also like to get the hub sprocket adapter and probably just stick with a 40 tooth sprocket. And then engine upgrades . So far i am leaning toward crmachine's engine upgrades. The seat headlight and handlebars paint etc i think i can handle. It would be nice if there were a vid or something that has all the different upgrades for the wheels braking systems tires and engine upgrades so that i could better make an informed upgrade. Any and all help much appreciated
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