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Default Throttle cable housing shortening . . .

Hey i'm new here this is my first post. I have a new carb a dellorto sha 15.15 anyways with everything hooked up snug i do not have enough cable exposed for my slide to rest at ease down in the carb. I contacted the company i ordered the cable and carb from and i was advised to make the throttle cable 'housing' shorter which in turn will expose more of the cable itself. Now that is a feat in itself. I tried to do so with the cable the kit came with and i was amazed when i tried to cut a 3/4 inch section of the cable out what was inside the black cable housing. Any pointers on what i can do here to expose more of the cable. The adjuster at the throttle and at the carb are as close as they can get so that wont help.
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