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Default Re: Friction drives , a review of a few

The Viper kit is an odd mix of the very good and the confused.
It has the an excellant mounting the channel is steel and long placing the engine far back a good thing for sound and acting like a fender ( the staton kit is so short that when I rode it in the rain the tire threw h2o up my back)

They use a bridgestone engine of 48cc, though there are no spare parts for it and even the maker does not claim the engine on their site. Why they use this engine???

It comes with a twist throttle. the bearings are mounted in cups that then bolt to the channel, a good thing for a person without a press.

The bad in this kit is the company has changed hands 3 times and they are a mess to call up and ask anything of. I have one of their earlier kits an alum channel one bearing support a 52 mm clutch, very poor the channel warped fro m engine wieght, I called then to get more springs for the clutch, they said they did not have them.

But would sell me the whole clutch, I asked for a pix of the clutch and rcvd nothing, called a few days later just to go and buy the clutch. They told me they sold them all that day to someone on ebay. Not real good in the customer service dept.

I'd buy another of these, knowing that there are no parts or support a one shot deal.
The bridgestone engine was a dream until it blew, but wow instant power at the twist.
I will post pix of their mount as it is perfect.
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