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Default Re: Friction drives , a review of a few

I will start with my latest buy.
A staton kit, very poorly made with chinese bearings one of which squealed from the get go.

They offer a large gas tank to fit on top of the channel,
on the site it is shown mounted on the channel, BUT not on a bike, they also state that the kits come with the mounting hole predrilled... it was not

The reason that the tank is not shown on a bike is that the tank is so tall that the seat would be far to high to ride.

The channel is very short placing the engine right under the seat

His site askes you what engine you plan to use so that you will be sent the right throttle cable, they sent me a cable that fits nothing I own, I have a lot of engines and kits.

Having contacted staton to find out why he sold me a wreck, he was disinterested and rude offering no explaination or replacment of the bearing or throttle cable.

The mount to the bike is the standard trashware bent u shape that will warp over time from the engine weight.

Overall a very poor kit, little better than a chinese kit.
I had expected better from an American made kit.
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