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Smile Re: Hey Dudes! Another first timer from Detroit!

Originally Posted by ishman View Post
OK here the Pics, first is the clutch bell showing the wire that holds in the one way bearing. Second pic shows how the clutch pins are contacting the cover and the third shows how much the pins interfere with the the cover holding it up. The last picture shows one of the holes in the extension shaft. There 3 all together, that is why I was thinking of putting some grease in the hollow extension shaft so centrifugal force would push the grease out the holes and keep the shaft lubed, instead the whole mess of drilling holes from the outside of the case through the gear and using WD-40 as lube.

Not ever using the cent. clutch set up I cant give much here but from what I can see it looks like the solution is pretty obvious, you need to either add additional gaskets to space the assembly out, or put a small washer between the housing and engine case at every point where a bolt is used to attach clutch housing to the engine, that will leave an air gap between case and clutch housing but might not actually be a bad thing since it would allow air in the keep things a little cooler and allow the heat out.

As far as using WD-40 as a lube, toss that idea quickly, WD-40 is not an oil and it is a horrible lubricant for bearings, bushings or anything that moves faster than a door hinge, there is no substitute for good quality high temp grease where it is required, just don't over grease things or you'll end up with grease on the clutch shoes and you'll have a bad slippage problem.

Best wishes and welcome to the family here on this great forum.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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