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Default Re: How I got married today--to my helmet

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I got a few of those half shell helmets and I really like them in the summertime... They look cool and they will protect your skull in a wreck, but if you do wreck and the helmet takes a hit it's time to retire it and replace it.
The Skid lid brand is very popular both for good looks and a decent price so I definitely recommend that brand. There's another brand called Daytona that make similar half shell helmets at close to the same price and I really like that one since it's even smaller and lighter than the Skid Lid but still DOT approved. There are other DOT approved half shells out there but they tend to give you the mushroom head look because they use really thick linings to get the DOT approval.
When I ride my motorcycles on a longer trip or when I ride them on a daily basis tho, there's no substitute for a full face helmet since they're nice and quiet, they protect from the weather and from the cold, and they'll save face... literally... My favorite helmet also has built in speakers, a microphone, and a bluetooth connection to my phone so I can listen to music or talk on the phone while on the road, that part isn't needed, but it sure is nice on a really long ride.
Yes, I know. Some of those motorcycle helmets--you don't so much put them on as move into them.
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