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Smile Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Cool bike map and nice pics thanks. You are lucky to have that bike. You could always buy a ds-20 and use parts off it. It would probably be cheaper than finding the original parts. That last bike maybe a non-correct restoration. I'm not 100% sure but like I said earlier the 74 had metal colored front forks and no banana seat. Then in 75 they had the option of a banana seat but frame colored forks where standard. Also if I'm not mistaken the chain ring and guard look from a 76. I believe the 75 had a metal chain guard then in 76 it was black plastic like the one on the last bike pic. The wheels and reflectors as well as the other parts are period/make correct but could be from different model years.

After it stopped raining and dried up a bit this evening I went on my second ride on the ds-20. WOW!!! Is all I can say. I never thought I would say this but this CG is almost scary fast and its not broke in or tuned yet! When she gets on the pipe and hits the power band its like a rocket! The power band is in the mid to upper rpm. The higher the rpm the harder she pulls. I've only held it full throttle one time and for only a few seconds. My (very inaccurate) speedo was pegged at 50 very easily and she wanted to keep going. I was probably going more like 35-40 mph. Even with the oil rich gas mix and not being broke in yet, she has tons of power. I don't need or care to have anything faster than this. It's all I need plus a lot more. I usually cruise at 15-25 mph anyways.

When I first got my SBP shift kit and put it on my 26" Schwinn it was a huge improvement over my stock single speed 44t. Well, now with the new gearing and better motor and parts its leaps and bounds better than my last setup. I'm already having so much fun with this bike it might be a while til I paint it and do the finishing touches.

If its nice out tomorrow I will take some pics of the exhaust and other stuff. Thanks for looking and check back for updates and new pics. I will be adding my fenders and getting the lights/battery all hooked up soon.

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