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Default How I got married today--to my helmet

Riding down Forest Hill Rd today at about 4:30 PM I started to get that mouse-in-an-elephant-stampede feeling. I jumped the curb and started riding on the grass.The grade was level, the going pretty smooth. I put a little speed into it. I was probably doing 18 MPH when suddenly my front wheel dipped into a hidden gully. I was pitched off the bike over the handlebar and broke my fall using only the top of my head--look ma no hands-- against the curb.I immediately got up saying over and over, "Wow! Wow!"because I knew by the force of the shock of my head on that curb that I should by all rights have been dead or unconscious if I hadn't been wearing my snazzy blue Schwinn bicycle helmet.Part of the "Wow, Wow" had to do with recalling that earlier in the week I had been considering ditching the helmet--I mean you can only look so cool in a bike helmet and I had seen lots and lots of scooter and motorcycle jockeys bareheading it lately. Anyway, to shorten my tale, while I stood in the shade of a tree waiting for my little flooded 4 stroke Honda engine to recover I took off my helmet and gazing on it with the look of love promised it that NEVER NEVER NEVER would I go off on my ride and leave it to sit home alone without me.

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