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Smile Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Ok your bike must have been a 1974 model A. I had never seen one before in my town either. My dad who was a teen in that mid 70s time period had never seen one either. He had a cool Schwinn lemon peel back then. Sounds like you have the most important parts. Some of those parts are easy and cheap to replace. Unless you want the original parts which will probably be up there in price. Do you still have the triple trees? I would like to see a pic of your bike when you get a chance. How was the suspension on the Moto-bike? I only weigh 125lbs and my rear suspension seems pretty firm but soaks up the big bumps and the triple trees suspension is a little softer and gobbles the little bumps. Haven't came close to bottoming either out yet.

On to the DS-20. So, I got all the tweaks done last night and went for a ride. WOW!!! The motor fired right up first couple of kicks. This is my third china girl and best one yet. I noticed when I got my motor the jug and head had been decked/machined at the factory. The new head has a squish band on the outer edge and looks more like a performance head than the older stock CG heads I've seen. Which is good because I have no room for an aftermarket performance head.

I have a billet intake, rt carb, performance plug wire, ngk plug(indexed and gaped at .28) and my SBP expansion chamber. I also ramped my piston at the exhaust and smaller ramps on the intake transfer port sides, as well as trimmed the intake side of the piston skirt. I also decked the head and cylinder a little more than factory and used a thinner head gasket to bump the compression up a tiny bit but not so much its really hard to start.

The SBP exhaust is a lot quieter than my old banana pipe I used on my last build. It's also pointing more to the back and puts the sound behind me. It sounds really good. I have the sound deadening material in my side covers and they have made my motor super quiet. I can mainly only hear the intake and exhaust.

Wow though the ride last night was awesome. It was dark so I couldn't take any pics. Its raining today so I'll snap some tomorrow. This motor has some serious power! Not a vibe to be felt. Super smooth motor.

I only used up to half throttle last night and with the gearing this thing feels like a stump puller! When I would roll the throttle back she would pull forward hard. Hard enough to feel it pulling you to the rear a lot more than any of my other motors. I never did much internal mods on my last motors nor had the rt carb or sbp exhaust, but this new motor feels like night and day to even my best running CG.

I have a "vintage style" cable speedo. I have one on my 26" Schwinn Searcher and it was kinda close to accurate. Well, this new one said it was for 20" bikes and was the only one I could find for 20" bikes. Anyways, I don't think its actually for 20" bikes. The only thing different was the cable is shorter and the new one didn't have a dial to reset your odometer. The new speedo seems way off though. I was probably going ~15-20 mph and it was reading close to 30 mph. I'll have to get a gps to see how much its actually off but it seems like a lot.

As far as the gearing it's perfect just like Theon and I had thought. Feels a lot better and more peppy than my 44t sprocket on 26" wheels. I had talked to Jim at Sick bike parts and he also had the same conclusion about the gearing.

I will have some pics tomorrow if its nice out. So check back in and let me know what you think. All I have left to do is install my battery, mini-gen and charger for my lights. As well as my chrome fenders and tail light. Then I will paint the tank, fairing and some other parts VHT fire metallic red. Some other parts like my chain guard and fender mounts will be flat black to match my frame. I think when I get closer to paint I will do a more detailed build thread and let you guys know the link.

Again, thanks for looking and check back in soon for more pics and updates. I'll have pics of my exhaust installed tomorrow.
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