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Default Re: (Motorized Bike Kit) Good Chain Tension Setting rear sproket

I don't live in Texas unfortunately. I live in New Hampshire. The land of motorized bicycle at least, the part where I live that is. People ride them everywhere here. That's how I learned about them.
Yeah, the rain comes and goes just like you described it. I think it's the mountainous nature. I'm very surprised how well the carburetor works out here since I'm above sea level quite a ways.


I tested my bike out today and it seems to work OKAY. I get a slight tugging from the chain. I rolled the bike and the tension is very consistent. I think I may need to knock out a few chain links? With that being said.
Where would be a good place to have the chain tensioner on my frame? Like, how should my chain look?
Should the path from the motor sprocket to the rear sprocket be as linear as possible with little tensioner interference?
I believe the chain tensioner is WAY to close to the rear sprocket which, gives it the shakes when you're biking at low speeds. It goes away when your biking at a higher rate of speed. I feel that it's so close but, it needs some tinkering still.
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