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Default Re: (Motorized Bike Kit) Good Chain Tension Setting rear sproket

Same here with the rain... Do you live in Texas by any chance? It's been crazy over here lately, bone dry one day, then pouring the next, then it's dry again a few hours later...

Now for your chain coming loose, these cheap chains don't come pre stretched so in most cases you'll install one and it'll be loose after a few miles, you tighten it up and 5 miles later it's loose again... and all your adjustment hardware is still nice and tight. I usually set a new chain a little on the tight side because of this and sometimes it'll stretch to where I intend it to be but other times it'll be way loose and I still need to go back in and re tighten it to get the right amount of deflection. Most the time after you adjust it 2 or 3 times it'll stop stretching and keep it's adjustment.
Most new high quality motorcycle chains come pre stretched so tehy can be installed, set, and they stay that way so this is hardly ever a problem but a new chain that's never been run or pre stretched will need repeated readjustments, think of it like the chain breaking in.
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