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Smile Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Originally Posted by HotRodRob View Post
Yep the Yamaha moto-bikes where mainly sold at the Yamaha dealerships. They could have very easily been NOS. I could imagine they would be quite pricey back then. If you still had all the parts it would be worth a pretty penny now. I'm sure the frame is probably pretty valuable too. The 74 model (or model A) came with raw front shocks. Then in 75-76(model B and C) they where painted the same color as the frame(yellow or orange). Do you still have the chain guard? That would be the easiest way to identify the year. Each year had a different chain guard. Yeah post that pic if you get a chance. I'd like to see what you have. I love old bikes! Especially vintage bmx bikes.

Did your bike have the front yamaha number plate? I've only seen a few that do. Thanks for sharing those vids. Those are some really cool bikes. I really like the banana seat that some of them had. Funny thing is at first I planned to use a banana seat and had an idea of how I would mount it. Well as I was looking at banana seats I stumbled across the Yamaha Moto-bike and the way they mounted the banana seat in 75 is exactly how I planned to mount my seat.

I'm about to go finish up adjusting my derailleur and rear brakes. Once I do that I'll mix some gas and see what she will do. Wish me luck! I'll be back on later to let you all know what happened and I'll try to have some pics.
Mine had the raw non painted front shocks and yes it had the number plate, I still have the frame with rear shocks, the cranks and the handlebars and the original front wheel, everything else got stolen.

I'll post a pic tomorrow of the frame and yes the bikes were expensive back then compared to aother popular bike like the old Huffy Bandit bikes and such, I never seen another of the Yamaha Moto bikes in my town, everyone I knew back then were crazy about mine and my brothers Yamaha bikes, I did some jumps on mine that makes me still cringe today when I think about it, I took full advantage of that suspension many times...LOL!

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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