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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

Considering my age, my legs are getting really strong again,
both of them, the one with the steel rods & the one with two
severed tendons. Injuries are one reason I went to motored bikes.
but pedaling definitely has certain advantages. I'm in much better
shape at 65 than I was at 40. It's been a long road back & I
dumped a few vices along the way. I'm getting to where I ride in
high gear much of the time. 5 years & 5000 mi. ago it was the opposite.
In contrast, I've probably only 1500 motored miles. I shocked myself
today. I looked down at my computer & I was cruising a 16mph.
A year ago my avg spd. pedaling was 7.8 mph.

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