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Default Re: (Motorized Bike Kit) Good Chain Tension Setting rear sproket

Centering the sprocket is a sometimes tricky job. Loosen all 9 bolts before you have a go at it. Tom's technique is a good one... I do something similar, but instead of a wood block I put a left over bit of drive chain in the sprocket teeth, and use a rubber or nylon mallet to tap it to try and move it.

Toothpicks, matchsticks, or even finishing nails can help when used as spacers to center the sprocket.

With all 9 bolts and hardware in place, tighten the 'middle' bolts (based on the three backing plates) first. Go evenly, and watch the gap between hub and sprocket. If it gets too small on one edge, loosen that bolt a little and tighten the other two a bit and you should be able to pull it together pretty evenly.


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