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Default Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Thanks Theon,
That's what I'm thinking/hoping as far as the gearing. With the same size rear sprocket set on my 26" bike 7th gear was not very useful. I'm thinking with the smaller front driven sprocket(36t instead of stock 44t) and the 20" tires, I should be able to use 7th and have more low end gearing throughout the full range. Should get up to speed a little quicker(hopefully). Not that I had problems on my last setup but this one should be a little more snappy just from the gearing. Since my gearing takes care of the low end, I have built my motor and exhaust for top end high rev screaming.

I'm glad I could be an inspiration. That means a lot to me. I got really lucky with that tank. I had originally bid on a different tank and got out bid at the last minute. That tank had a ding and was in rough shape and would not have worked or looked as good as the one I got. The shape and size of the tank I have just fits the style I was wanting perfect and was a NOS tank in really good shape.

Got my SBP expansion chamber on. I'm using a shorter header than most but like I said its built/"tuned" for high revs. Finally all I have left to do is adjust my derailleur and rear brake! The exhaust looks good. Can't wait to hear her purr.

So, I should be able to go for a ride tomorrow/when I wake up. I will snap some pics and post in the next couple days. I still have to install the fenders, tail light, battery, mini-gen, charger, light switch. Then I'll do final paint. I will eventually add front and rear turn signals, and decals.

Yes in an earlier post I talked about the Yamaha Moto-bikes. Wow you are lucky those are some awesome bikes. I bet you guys where the coolest kids on the block for sure. The Yamaha Moto-bike was made from 1974-76. Kawasaki, the Ross bicycle company and many others also made similar dual-suspension bmx bikes in that time period. Those bike now bring a pretty penny and some of their parts are way up there. The Japanese import versions are all tricked out and bring big bucks.

I didn't know about the old dual suspension bikes when I ordered the DS-20. When I first got it I was thinking about using a banana seat and searching ebay I found a Yamaha Moto-bike for sale. They are highly coveted and in some peoples opinion the "holy grail" of bmx bikes.

Was that pic of your bike? I don't think the one in the pic is a Yamaha moto-bike but one of the others from that time. Each year the Moto-bike was a little different and you can tell what year by the options it has compare to the other years. The first year was only a regular bmx seat then they added a banana seat in 75. The chain guards are different each year and a few other things. They are very heavy duty and the DS-20 looks even beefier. Its pretty heavy but that comes with having triple trees and two shocks in back.

Thanks for the complement. Your mini bike scooter idea sounds good. I'd like to see something like that. The dual suspension is gonna spoil me.

I'll back on tonight if I get to go for a ride and let you all know how it goes. Ill snap some pics too so check back in.
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