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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Thanks... yeah, I'll be busy for the next several weeks for sure, and since it's been so long since I've worked in the auto industry I have a lot of classes I need to take so I can get my certs back. Mainly the state inspection cert and I got my son and I set up to go to that class and test on tuesday, then I need to get the AC cert since that's a big money maker here in Texas so I'm also studying that material in whatever free time I have. I still need to interview and hire at least one mechanic who hopefully has those certs as well. Then I spent most of the afternoon on the phone with the bank getting the credit card machines ordered and set up... I've never had to deal with that issue before and thought it would just be a quick phone call, but they ask for Everything when you call them, then they forward you to someone else... who asks you for all that info again... then they email me a whole pile of stuff to sign, scan, and send back

So far I got about an hour of run time on the gasket I installed and there's no issues at all so it looks like they'll hold up to just about anything... once I come up with an efficient way to cut them on the machine.. lol

For the copper gasket, I cut 2 of them at 1/8" thick and then I annealed both of them dead soft... one is on my bike and the other is going to your address for you to put thru the ringer as well, then I got a few that were cut out of the .030" thick copper and I sent one along with that head with instructions how to anneal it, and have a few of them left over that I'll just send out to people when i send them stuff. I really need to perfect the cutting process with these since the copper tends to work harden as it's being cut, but I got an idea that might speed things up. I was cutting another 1/8" thick one and it was going good then started to chatter really badly and broke an end mill before I could hit the emergency stop, I checked everything, put in a new end mill thinking the first one was dull, ran the program and as soon as it hit that one spot it broke another one... I ended up getting it cut but had to slow the feed speed down to a crawl. Afterwards I was reading about how copper has a very poor machinability because it work hardens so I'm thinking if I cut out one, then stop and anneal the piece before cutting the next one I can avoid all that, or I'll need to cut the sheet down and cut out one at a time, either way I'll come up with something that works... As I get more time on the machine I'll be looking to make some adapters and brackets etc out of aluminum since the aluminum don't have that type of problem the copper does and the machine can rip thru it like butter.
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