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It runs "CRAZY" good !! most powerful chinese motor I've ever felt ! sounds pretty cool too ! I just got a call from a real great guy who just happens ta build a certain ignition system (that is by far the best out there ) and he is going to re-work his cdi and send me a very special "TWIN" plug version !! Ya so that'll be way too cool too ! I have one of his now but it is really only designed too power 1 coil so he told me that I will end up frying the diodes ?? I'm a little under educated when it comes too electronics so I am very lucky that we were able too hook up and that he took the time(and concern) to offer his knowledge and help... I hafta say that since getting into(and I'm talkin "deep" into ) the motorized bicycles I've sure been lucky and have met some very nice (and knowledgable) guys !
Thanx for the complement on my build as well it is much apreciated coming from a guy that builds as well as you !!
I really enjoy the bike ... going ta finish up another GT2-A build and then they will both go in for powder ... working out the scheme .. I find that is the hard part ... committing too a color and design ... so many different ways a guy can go with it ... makes my head spin !! lol !!
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