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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

Originally Posted by Tom Allen View Post
Having read the whole thread I find one or more of four reasons why people take up this sport:
1) Pleasure
2) Transportation
3) Economy
4) Art--under this rubric I include both aesthetics and the exercise of mechanical ingenuity

The first three of these account for most of my motivation in this area. In other words, it pleases me to get around cheaply whenever I can. I hate dragging a ton and a half of tin with me when I go to the drug store to pick up a pack of AAA batteries.
.... in a world that seems increasingly less free .... all of the above allow the human spirit to explore ... and express itself through an effort that may parallel an evolving universe ....
Good motor (good heart) good hubs (good freedom) ... motor/wheels are the brains
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