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Question (Motorized Bike Kit) Good Chain Tension Setting rear sproket

Hello Everyone! My name is Lewis and I'm fairly new to motorized bikes and I hope to help the community in anyway I can!

Anyway... On to my questions. What would be considered good chain tension?

I seem to need to true my sprocket at the moment because, I seem to have issues with my chain tightening up then becoming too loose.
My problem is that I can't seem to get the rear sprocket centered. Any tips or pointers?

Also I made my own spring loaded chain tensioner which, only works sometimes...
It has crazy amount of tension but, when I go to dump the clutch the chain gets stuck in the engine sprocket box and I end up burning my tire up and I have to take the clutch arm off and fix the bind chain.

I plan on using this bike to go to my job site but, I'm greatly discouraged right now.

I hope I posted this in the right area. :P
Thanks for reading!

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