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Default Re: Just set up a new lower engine, and now the rear wheel locks when clutch is engag

Originally Posted by sergman89 View Post
When I was trying to put the chain on the motor,
I had to loosen the head bolts because there was to much pressure and it kept me from turning the bolt WITH the sprocket.
Removing or even just loosening the spark plug will let the engine turn over.....
No need to touch the head bolts.

Originally Posted by sergman89 View Post
Apparently there are quite a few different kinds of pistons though or its just a way for them to market.
When installing the new piston and everything I only used a little bit of oil supplement to glide the piston into the upper engine.
There are only 2 kinds of 47 mm pistons now with a low wrist pin location for PK 80's and a high location for Skyhawk types.

Not enough info from you to answer your other questions.

Do you have pics of your damaged piston and other parts?
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