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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Yeah I took a little time off myself about a year and a half ago, but im clicking right along again.

I've never used a hub adapter on a multi speed wheel at this point, but I do know that on Manics site he offers to make a custom bushing in whatever size thats needed, so I would consider going that route if you like the wheel you already have.

I have two bikes that im running multi speed wheels on and both are running the stock rag joint coupler, one of the bikes has an old style wheel that has the really small center hub diameter, maybe 3/4" or so, im not sure if an adapter would be a good idea on a hub that small since there wouldn't be enough surface area for the adapter to grip on and most likely all the pressure would be getting applied to just three spokes to pull the wheel.

That wheel is one that has a 5 gear free wheel sprocket set on it and if I were to ever decide to used an adapter on that bike rather than a rag joint I be looking to upgrade the wheel to one with a larger hub diameter.

Im sure there are others here than can probably advize better on the subject since I haven't ever used an adapter on a multi speed wheel, bit those are my thoughts on it.

Another consideration may be to use a coaster wheel link a Shimano hub wheel and convert it to a freewheel that eliminates the coaster brake, I know a few people on here have done it and think its an excellent set up, im thinking I will do one myself on my old huffy bike since the coaster brake has never been nearly as good as the Shimano wheels, several vidoes on youtube that shows clearly how to do the mod and several here that can tell you also.

Best wishes Cyclin and again welcome back to the family..

Thanks for the advice I think I will go for an all-new wheel. Before I install a hub adapter I would need to re-spoke this one anyway. When I rode home yesterday upon arrival I noticed the wheel wasn't as true as when I left. Looks like I broke a spoke, but luckily it didn't harm anything else. Unfortunately my spares are all 26" from my earlier builds, and there is just not enough frame space to fit it to the 24" frame.

I figure if I am going to have to retrue the wheel, coupled with the non-standard hub for an adapter and the fact that I am not a huge fan of the current multi-speed cog set, I may as well buy a whole new wheel I like more and keep the old as a spare. I will re-measure the hub when I go home on lunch and make a final decision. Thanks again

Originally Posted by greaser_monkey_87 View Post
It's a lot cheaper to order direct from Manic Mechanic. I ordered my adapter from them and my sprocket from BikeBerry, but now Manic has them for $9 cheaper than BikeBerry.
I was originally looking at ordering direct from them. If I do put it on the 5-speed wouldn't I have to purchase the $30 bushing as well? On Spooky I see an option for the 5,6,7 speed for a smaller diameter hub, at no extra charge. It may be the same on MM but I the page is a little harder to understand. I will re-measure the hub in 3 hours so I know exactly what I looking for in case I keep the rear wheel rather than purchasing a whole new one.
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