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Default Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

Originally Posted by Citi-sporter View Post
I hate to take this thread, (which is really about this really nice bike of KC's..) further down the rabbit hole.

But, as someone who has been involved in city politics, 9 times out of 10 when you live of the edge of a rapidly expanding city like KC does in Phoenix, the loss of riding areas has little to nothing to do with 'tree huggers'. (cactus huggers?)

This is not an issue easily summed up by some radio talkshow host's cute prejorative.
That is entirely true.
There were no trees or even cactus to speak of in the Gully Tracks, just a usually dry river bed and a lot of desert eroded from monsoon storms to make it very un-even, hence Gully's, and an absolute blast to dirt bike on.

Hurt myself many I time as well but didn't ever seek compensation from the land owner for my foolish behavior.

I got my drivers license and a jeep in my Sophomore year (mid '70's) I think and we would go 'desert romping' in the wash and Gully Tracks as well, that went over way worse.

You really can't do much damage to anything on a dirt bike, but you sure can in a 4x4.

That flat chunk of desert playground as mentioned is covered up now but the scares I left on of the mountains with the 4x4 remain.

I have mixed feelings about that...

Ya, the mountains have some unattractive scars, but I was the one that managed to climb it when there was nothing there, the proof remains 30+ years later, and few things compared to sitting on top a mountain you drove up that nobody else ever had.
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