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Default Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

The tree huggers up here in Mass. messed up big time. On Nantucket they would wear these bright orange shirts that said "Deer Huggers" on therm and go out during hunting season with pots and pans banging them together scaring the deer so we couldnt bag any .
Well we just gave up hunting that area then about ten years went by there was an article in the paper asking what happened to all the big 10 -12- point 200 +LB beautiful deer on Nantucket.

Well since no one hunted it any more they got a dangerous over population of deer and being an island they all competed for the same food so instead of a few beautiful deer they had thousands of runts diseased tick infested deer they did more harm to the deer population than hunter could .Lymes disease reports were through the roof in folks

So when they said "free permits to all deer hunters" all the hunters declined & we mailed the permits to the organization that created the mess to begin with.
The State ended up calling upon the state police and any other joker with a gun or a bow who went out there & in one weekend an had to cull like over 1000 deer. In 3 weeks I think the total cull was over 4 thousand... Fair to say they no longer go out messing up the hunts any longer

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