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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Welcome back...

I got multiple sprocket adapters from Pirate cycles and Jake's lately and Im very happy with them, nice parts, actually look like they are made by the same person everything about them is identical and nicely machined with good quality hardware.

Yeah it looks like those are both MM hub adapters. I may be purchasing through Jake's then, thanks for the tip. Good to see you're still around too, I think you helped me with some troubleshooting a few years ago

Quick suggestion from you if you will. The rear wheel that is on this build now is a 24" 5-speed. What sprocket adapter should I buy or would I be better served completely replacing the rear wheel with a larger freewheel hub? It looks like I may need the "5,6,7 Speed" version shown on SpookyTooth, but I am not sure if I am measuring the hub correctly. (The first time I measured the axle diameter...doh)

I haven't seen much info for that small of a diameter yet. And I do want to stay away from a coaster brake if I can, I tend to pedal backwards idly while riding and don't want to forget and hurt the bike.

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