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Default Re: Dual Suspension 'Roo'

I'd be damned sure your seat is where you want it for your test ride...I suspect it will become VERY difficult to remove. Using swaybar for strength is a great idea as well. There's no way that tube would live without something. I'd be scared of crushing the engine case on big air! But your solution sounds bulletproof if a bit chunky.
You might want to think about popping a couple holes in the seatpost tube down low so you can tie the swaybar to the BB with some plug welds...I'd be worried about ripping the BB off the seatpost next.
Maybe a strap gusset around the whole assembly? Idk.
Looking VERY clean and sanitary so far! Good lines and geometry from the look. Your engine chain will move very little with the pivot so close to the output shaft. All the slack will be on the pedal side where the derailleur can deal with it. Good thinking!
Keep us posted!
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