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Default Shifter Kit Overall Good but 1 issue

I would like to thank the guys at sickbikeparts for producing a product that works very well on these motorized bikes. They are innovators that keep bringing us improvements to our bikes. I have run into a few issues with my install and my kit has 200 miles on it.

When I am in high gear I am noticing some chain slip between the "pedal" chain and the highest gear in the rear cassette. Im not sure whether this is a chain line issue caused by the front freewheel system supplied by the kit (it isnt because of my chain since the problem has occured on the original chain and a brand new one and it is not because the rear cassette is too worn since I have tried two different cassettes with the same result.)

The directions in the kit state that the chain supplied will stretch and the person installing the kit will need to adjust the engine position about 3 times until it fully seats. I have adjusted my engine at least six times and the engine hasnt slipped down the frame. How do I know? I welded the bracket to the frame to eliminate that as a possible reason for so much chain slop. As it stands now I cannot move the engine any higher in the frame. I began searching for other locations that would cause the excess slack in the chain. I then noticed that the right hand bracket supplied by the kit was warped and the right side bearing was trashed. My only possible explanation for this occurence would be the higher amount of power my engine is producing. I can not allow the extra slack in the chain because it will derail within a short time which in turn derails the pedal chain which then gets wrapped up around the bottom bracket and jammed underneath the nuts securing the front chainring.

I wrote this to hopefully determine what is causing these issues and what possible solutions are available. I already plan to reinforce the right side bracket and I have also purchased new bearings. I dont know if this will be corrected in future revisions. I just need my bike to be reliable. Im not posting this to deter anyone from purchasing this kit since I have had a lot of fun with this kit and it is of high quality. Thanks Sickbikeparts !! -Justin