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Default Brake Poll -- Because sometimes you have to stop the fun!

Hi All,

With all the cold weather outside, I've been getting restless and trying to think up some possible new new products for our bikes (Motorized or not)....(Yes, I know I should be installing my Shifter Kit ;-))....

I was thinking, with all the emphasis on speed enhancing products, I would take a stab at the other side of the equation....Slow enhancing products....OK, simply know as better braking ;-)

With this in mind, I have an idea for a new product (and I know there are many out there that would love to stop better under both dry AND wet conditions).....So, to see which system I will try to upgrade first, I figured I would see what everybody has out there in terms of brakes....

I figure I will try to upgrade the most popular brakes first....

Thanks for your input!


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