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Default Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

Originally Posted by Citi-sporter View Post
...Funny how many people had 'uncles who owned one'. I wonder if they were confusing it with a Honda Trail 90...
I had a red Honda Trail 90 for a short time when I was like 13 or 14.
Mindlessly easy to operate, pretty gutless, ugly, and not worth a crap for desert riding and I lived at the deserts edge.

Moved up to real dirt bikes in short order and as I think back about my early dirt bike riding days I can't help but think about how fun my desert playground was.

This must have been Freshman year in high school...
We had just moved so I didn't really know anybody yet so I spent a great deal of time on my dirt bike in the desert, which I learn very soon the locals called the 'Gully Tracks'.

This pretty big chunk of undeveloped land on the Northern edge of the ever growing Phoenix area was an awesome almost endless playground on a dirt bike until the Hippocrates in law enforcement started harassing us because the tree huggers wanted to 'preserve the desert'.

We had fun with them for awhile in ways I won't post but the crux of the story is there is now a 6 lane Parkway and endless Condos and Apartments where the gully tracks where now as Phoenix has grown about 20 miles North of there.
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