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Put the fire in the Grubee ta'day .. WOW !! it didn't take much too get it burning either ... one good (very hard ) crank of the pedals and ... like I said ...WOW!! When it caught it kinda took me by surprise ... I just about fell off the back !! Sounds awesome and has unbelievable throttle response ...starts pulling hard right from the bottom too the top ... if there is a top ?? I didn't run it too high as it's a little fresh for that but I did give it a good work out .... that SBP shift kit is the answer too ... no end to the top end that's for sure ! I ran it up to 55mph along side a buddys street bike and it was still on the climb !! I was cruising along side that 750 street bike all around town like I was on one too ! Standing starts are pedal-less and shifting through the gears it pulls hard and steady in it's very wide power band... feels and sounds like a little dirt bike !! I am truly impressed ... a success for sure .. and $$ well spent . The twin plug head along with HD Lightnings CDI and the dual coils has a sound all of it's own ... the dual plugs diffinetly add the extra "log" on the fire !! Way cool ! A "twin" thumbs up !! lol

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