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Default Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

Originally Posted by Citi-sporter View Post
Thanks Mapbike, funny that I did that same silly dance of the smilie when I finally got it running.

I'd been riding it with a really bad internal rumble coming from the original 80 cc engine, and it looked like buying an engine case and crankshaft was going to be much more expensive than the cost of Lifan 100. Of course the installation was pretty involved, but I can fabricate and weld, so it came together.

Funny how many people had 'uncles who owned one'. I wonder if they were confusing it with a Honda Trail 90. Years back I owned the little 1968 YL-1 TwinJet 100 cc twin. That was a fun bike, two cans with BB's rattling in them exhaust note.
On the Uncle that owned one topic, I dont know if my uncle Donnie ever owned one for himself but i'm sure he sold several of them back in the day, he was one heck of a rider and racer, up where he lived there was a contest that some people had put together and it was an event challenge that they bet X amount of money, a Trophy and of course the bragging rights that no one on any motorcycle of the day could out run a hopped up Quarter Horse for 100 yds on a grassy dirt field, guys came from all over trying to outrun that quarter horse on about every kind of bike there was back then and could not get it done, my uncle Donnie was a small man at about 5' 7' and maybe 130lbs sopping water, he watch those guys several times try to beat that horse and no one ever did, he told my Dad that he could beat that horse and was gonna do it but didn't want people to know who he was, so he set it up so that after he had raced the horse that someone else would collect the money and trophy, he built a crazy fast Yamaha RD 350 from the ground up, dirt tires on it, little tiny drag bars and removed every piece of anything on the bike that wasn't needed, they lined them up and fired the starter pistol, the horse jumped out ahead instantly, my Dad said Uncle Donnie got that RD 350 on the rear wheel was leaned up to the poit that his chest was on the bars and run through the gears for 100 yds on the back wheel and beat the horse just before the horse crossed the line, I was just a very young boy then so I didn't get to see it but I got the see the bike and the trophy he kept in his shop for when he got-ur-done... my dad had the 125 Twin 2 strokes bikes and the RD350's, the old XS650's and one of the 3 cyl 750's, my uncle also raced the 125 twins and built them for a few other fellas back then, he said that he built one that would tach 24,000 rpm and I talked to another old racer years later that had bought one of his bikes and he confirmed that story and said he actually had that particular bike for a while and had put a hidden shot of Nitros on it and had got Disqualified on it at Green Valley Raceway after he was beating people left and right and they inspected the bike and found his little Nitros "cheater" set up....LOL!

Sorry for the long story here, just really took me back to when I was a kid and being around my Uncle Donnie and his motorcycle shop and seeing all those kewl old bikes.... gotta love the oldies, so much class and character without all the plastic and computers like all the new stuff.

The pix I listed above are of Jet Tharp, he was a heck of a guy and my Uncle built some bikes for him back in the day, when Jet Died he was playing with his grand kids at a family get together, he was goofing around on the kids mini bike lost control and hit a tree, he wasn't wearing a helmet and he died from it... crazy how I fella like him could race all those years and do what he did and then dies on a mini bike in the front yard...

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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