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Default Re: Got a generator today - Now a question

In a car your engine would stop running with your battery disconnected I'm sure there's a way to disconnect your battery and keep the engine running but the way it's set up it don't do that coil something I've worked on cars all my life and I forget the exact reason I know it's electrical.
But on your bike the battery only does your lights engine don't depend on it so the 12 volts output from the generator should be plenty. I'm not an electrical expert but I'm pretty sure though the amount of OHMS that generator puts out is important. Too much and you'll fry your battery but that thing is tiny so it may give your battery a trickle charge but check your acid levels frequently if it needs water often then it's overcharging. If not then your golden. You'll get your charging during the day and your lights at night just run it always connected and your good. Of course if you add a booming system you may need more.
To check for a short in your generator or to see if it may drain your battery when resting just get one of them cheap test lights with an aa battery in the circuit and touch the two connectors on your generator at rest to one wire then the other wire to the generator body which is ground. If it lights then yes you will drain your battery at rest. If it doesn't light up you're golden.
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