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Default Re: What mod should I get.

Originally Posted by JOBAfunky View Post
Another quick question. Are the spark plugs for these bikes available at an auto parts store, or are they online only?
You should be able to get the plugs at an auto parts store, the NGK's tend to work best but somewhere someone posted a good cross reference on plugs in here telling a bunch of different brands that fit.

I like the NGK plugs best and run them but use Autolite #275 plugs when I need cheap plugs for tuning.

For the best oil, I sell Amsoil and was using that but I tried Opti2 and like it better now. Amsoil Dominator works great but has to be mixed at 50:1 and they got 2 other 2 cycle oils that can mix at 100:1, they work really good too, but the Opti2 works best in my engine at 100:1 mix.
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