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Default Re: What mod should I get.

That pipe does look good mounted high... I need a seat like you got too...
About the spark plugs, the NGK numbers Map mentioned are what I run, but when I need cheap plugs for tuning purposes, the Autolite # 275 plugs also fit perfectly and you can buy a pack of 4 for about $8 or so, they're cheap but also better than the stock plugs which makes them great for tuning and doing plug chops with.
i'm running a modified KTM 50 dirtbike pipe on mine and the performance gain is night and day compared to stock, I noticed it pulled a Lot harder the first time I cracked the throttle and the top speed went up pretty good too, even with a 44 tooth rear sprocket I gained about 2mph. My first pipe was one I made out of an old pocketbike pipe, it worked great on the low end but the muffler was too small and top end was about the same as stock, the difference in acceleration was definitely worth the effort tho.

Here's mine with the modified pocketbike pipe installed...

And this is how it looks now with the modified KTM pipe.. I liked the first pipe I made up for it but it lacked top speed and burned my leg once before so I made this one more forward and out of teh way... this pipe accelerates the bike really nice too, but it gives me the better top speed that the other one couldn't do since it has a bigger stinger diameter... even with no muffler it's not any louder than the pocketbike pipe since it exits down and close to the road.

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