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Default Re: pullstarter or no on my cruiser

Yup... mine is a perfect example of one that the engine can't be raised any higher in, I only needed to mount the engine up another 1/8" or so for the pedal crank to clear but there just wasn't enough room up top. After looking at all my options I rode it without the pull start for about a week or so but one day my ankle wasn't gonna let me do any pedaling and I wanted to ride so I took the left pedal off, slipped a 3 foot long cheater pipe over the crank and gently bumped it until it just barely cleared. I only had to bend it about 1/4" but that was enough to make a noticeable difference to where I could feel the crank not perfect while pedaling. I could have put a second bend right before the pedal mount so it would feel normal again, but since I don't pedal any more than I have to I just left it that way, the most pedaling I can do even on a good day is maybe about 100 feet then my ankle starts to give out on me so the pull start is a huge help.

There are several places that sell the wider cranks which totally eliminates this problem as well and they're also needed if you run a shifter kit, but with a single piece crank, it's not too hard to bend it just a little, to do a double bend tho it would probably require some heat applied (and a junk pedal installed to prevent thread distortion if the bend is close to the top) to help bend it more precicely
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