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Default Re: What mod should I get.

Originally Posted by JOBAfunky View Post
Oh, I'm eating it all up. All seems like good info. I do have a welder but not much time in on it yet. I used 16:1 for the first 2 gal using Lucas 2 stroke oil. Now I'm down to 20:1
I'll definitely implement the spark plug and oil upgrade this weekend. Let that settle down a week or two and try out re jetting. Still though I wonder what happens to the sound level when going from stock muffler to an expansion chamber with the attached mini muffler.
Lucas makes good products and I know I have seen where others on here are running Lucas 2 stroke oil with good results, 32:1 or 40:1 would most likely be the best mix to run if you wanted to stick with the Lucas oil.

I have bought my plugs at my local motorcycle shop and I have ordered the same plugs from SBP ( sick bike parts ) I run the B6HS but I think many people use the B7HS in the summer since it is a cooler plug, I run the B6HS year around with no issues myself.

With the SBP expansion exhaust the sound level is very good and not to loud at all, this pipe actually helps low to mid range power and may add a couple MPH more top speed to you r bike as well, I have this pipe on my older HUffy bike, I didn't use the silicone tubing to join the pieces together as my final set up though, that tubing will burn out in time so I used simple copper tubing fittings instead and it has been running great for a little over 1,300 miles now, the pic I included here shows how I mounted the pipe on the Huffy bike, the engine on this bike has serious vibes above 34 MPH but this pipe helps it pull really good from about 10mph all the way up to 32-34MPH.

This pipe can be mounted so that it is low down also, this is just the first way I did mine and I liked how it turned out so I have left it this way.

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I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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