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Default Re: Dual Suspension 'Roo'

Very easy to spend more than you should have.
I have 4 'complete'(well almost) bikes, and another 4 projects.
I have certainly spent more than I had planed on this hobby.
And then there is the tools that I have bought,
That is why I didn't buy the disc braked GT and little steel framed Trek the other day, I probably could have got the two of them for $250, My missus would have had a fit!
Thought best to sleep on it.
I will likely have to strip the Goat for the wheels and what not once this frame is together, and I plan to sell of the Phantom once I get her tidy, 3 bikes are probably enough, I really fast one, a cruiser and a dirt bike.
I will then be left with a spare motor!
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