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Default Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Thanks Theon,
Thats a good idea and if I had a welder I would be all over that. But, I'm a light guy only 125lbs. I will keep an eye on that area and if it becomes a weak spot I will reinforce it for sure. I hope to get a welder soon there are just so many other things I need before it.

I got some tinkering done earlier and I'm about to get back at it. I forgot how much there is to building a bike from the ground up. I plan to build another(or two more) bike(s) after this one. And maybe some to sell.

I like to take my time and as Bairdco and others have said I like to do the whole smoke(don't start kids) my ecig and stare at my bike. I get a lot of engineering done that way.

Got my chrome engine covers with the sound deadening material on the motor. They look pretty good 5 feet away, just don't look too close. The chrome finish isnt exactly a perfect mirror. They really set my mostly black bike/motor off. Should look really good once I do final paint and decals. I gotta finish this tank mount, wiring and exhaust. I'm gonna try to get some new pics up tomorrow.
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