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Default Re: Help with Science Experiment

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I'd stay away from running alcohol wnd honestly different octane fuels arent gonna do much either.

Yes restricting exhaust flow lowers top speed and overall power for that matter, if you have a stock type muffler, just go to yout local doller general or simular cheapy stuff store and buy a couple packs of stainless steel or copper scouring pads, remove end cap from exhaust and put one of the pads in the muffler reinstsll the cap and run to see what you top speed is with the one pad which will restrict flow a little then repeat the process with two pads and test, then do it again with three pads and test speed again, then maybe leave end cap off for the final run and see how the different amounts of restricted flow affects each top speed run.

That will be a simple, cheap and fun experiment for you and will not require you to make any major modifications to the engine, bike or any other of its components.

Thats what I would do and just log all the results.

That idea sounds really good indeed. I will be using it for my experiment.

How would you reckon I would test my top speed because my teacher is picky and I will have to write down how I reach my top speed do I just run it for 10mins.

Also I have to take into consideration things like the engine being hotter the second time I run it and performing better

Lachlan Fullagar

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