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Default Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Ok guys and gals,
With over 500 views I thought there might be more to be said about what I got so far. I understand its a LOT to read at the beginning of this post. Really the first two post are mainly about me(boring). But if you read from #3 on it gets to the good parts faster.

I have my new 36t chainring and guard on my shift kit. I ordered the 30t and the 36t chainring sprockets but ended up using the stock 36t on the inside and the new 36t on the outside(replace the stock 44t). I also got my 11t jackshaft sprocket but it was just a hair too big and made the chain rub the clutch cover. However with the new dual 36t setup and the stock 10t jackshaft sprocket the chain just barely missed the clutch guard. There are some really tight spots on this build(headaches) and its made it take twice as long or longer to do anything. A lot of parts on and off again for mods. Thats part of the fun though.

I have my jackshaft(both sides) and my main chains on. All looks good. The main chain just barely misses the rear brake arm mounts, but it does miss it! So thats a good thing.

My derailleur is on and just needs the final adjustments. The new shorter crank arms are a life saver and fit my build better than the stock longer cranks. On the new cranks I have my new moped pedals and I'm in love. I don't think I'll go back to regular bike pedals again. The moped pedals are thick and kinda heavy but they are solid rubber and way more comfy than the pointy plastic or metal ones. When I was a kid I would jump my bikes a lot and when your foot slips off a pedal and the other one comes around and blasts you in the shin, you wont like metal ones anymore either. Especially the ones with all the metal teeth(rat-trap style). Those teeth never helped my shoes grip but would always "grip" my shins too much haha.

Got most of the basics done. Now all I need to do to finish mock up is; make a tank mount, mount tank, wiring, mount/mod SBP expansion chamber and final adjustments on all the parts. I will have more pics up soon. Come check back in. Once I get the mock up the way I want then I will start a build thread.

Thanks for having a look but stop by and let me know what ya think of what I got so far! You alls opinion is really the only one that matters to me. Let me know what ya like/dont like or if you have any questions fire away!

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