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Default Re: Need help!!! Asap!!!

Looks to me like the intake side uses a steel spring seat and the exhaust side the spring sits directly on the head,even tho I can't imagine why they would let a spring sit directly on the aluminum like that.... Have you tried to install the springs and retainers yet?
I'd assume that you'll notice right away something's wrong when you go to put the spring retainers back on because the exhaust side will feel excessively loose compared to the intake.

I know it's too late for you to do this, but whenever I disassemble anything for the first time... take lots of pics from every angle etc so if the part has to sit in the garage for any length of time, the pics help me remember how it went back together or how things are supposed to be set up.

Hopefully some of the Pred gurus in here can tell you if that's right or not pretty quickly, otherwise, just do a test fit to see how everything fits, you'll definitely be able to tell if it's wrong in the next step.

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