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Default Re: Help with Science Experiment

Originally Posted by apex View Post
Timing advance and octane will have a far greater effect on when spark occurs and flame front speed than plug variances.
Wanna say to the op.
From what I have seen on a two smoke. It had better be the dead of winter and cold as heck outside. Too cold to ride lol. Then its safe enough to take a peek..Still have to know what you are doing.

Not a good experiment for some newbees. I just wanna say Danger Will Robinson. Danger!!

IMO one needs to understand what a good plug chop is. Also that can still fool some one. These two strokes just are not tamable in this regard. Timing advance is a good way to be doing a jug overhaul! All it takes is a couple of hotrodding miles.

Check out gears. This can teach you a bit about where your power band is, and with how the engine goes.

Learn tuning and maintenance.

Then after keeping things simple try a tuned pipe. Then mebbe port match, bigger carby.

Basically this said science wanna say keep things simple. Try things in stages and paying attention to detail will be the best base line ever. Then science can evolve a bit toward some mad science lol
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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