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Default Re: Advice for them as likes to replace bucking bars

I use a mix of ATF and Acetone mixed 50/50 for gun cleaner oil, it will clean the dickens out of rifle or pistol bores and leaves a good rust prevention lube film behind after being only swabbed with one or two clean patches.

By the way, instead of using high dollar diesel fuel additives many old truckers and fellas running diesel tractor around these parts pour in a quart of ATF when they fill up every now and then and swear it is the best thing you can mix in the diesel fuel to prevent injector issues, I know people who have been doing that for many years and swear by it, even some of the older mechanics swear by it for a diesel fuel additive instead of some of the other snake oil marketed for diesel engines.

If I were gonna use STP for the clutch actuator shaft I'd just use straight uncut STP, it is gonna be stickier and stay put even better than it would being thinned down, personally I will just keep using a high quality Moly based grease for mine, it will out lube ATF or STP under high stress conditions and stay where it needs to be, but hey if someone likes the STP and ATF I say go fur it, if it works for ya.. it works for ya..

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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