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Default Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

Originally Posted by greaser_monkey_87 View Post
I see the motoped kit as the most ambitious of motorbike builds (in a good way), because although it is a kit, it is in a nutshell, a motorcycle.

Yes there are other builds which are definitely more motorcycle than bicycle, but there is something about the motoped that puts it at the top for me.

Perhaps it's the challenge of taking something you have to put together and making it look factory designed and built when it's finished.
I strive for that even on the simplest of builds, it's all the little stuff that adds up to make them look like a complete factory made unit.

I don't even have a conformation of shipment on the motopoed frame but that's OK, we are gonna power slam this big Electra with a 49cc 142F out of the bay this morning so we start on the Fat Tire sun 7-speed 2-stroke shifter, that seems the funnest challenge yet.

Aspire for fantastic greatness in everything and then be happy with really damn good if you don't succeed works for me ;-}
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