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Default Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

I see the motoped kit as the most ambitious of motorbike builds (in a good way), because although it is a kit, it is in a nutshell, a motorcycle. Yes there are other builds which are definitely more motorcycle than bicycle, but there is something about the motoped that puts it at the top for me. Perhaps it's the challenge of taking something you have to put together and making it look factory designed and built when it's finished. Other builds usually involve custom fabrication, and while they always look good, you can tell how it was done for the most part, with the exception being the few builders who machine their own parts rather than crudely cut, glop and grind (which I do, so I'm not excluding myself from that crowd). Even on bikes that have some machined parts, you can still tell that they are not factory built, the dead giveaway always being that it's still a bicycle frame. And I'm not downing those builds, they are all fantastic as well. The only reason my bike is a little harder to tell is because the eye is drawn more to what makes it look like a motorcycle than what makes it look like a bicycle. When a motoped is properly finished, the ONLY thing I have ever noticed that makes it even SLIGHTLY resemble a bicycle is the pedals. If they had kits to make them look like cruiser type motorcycles rather than crotch rockets, I would most likely save my money and build one.
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