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Default Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Very Nice... I've been wanting to build one of those myself...
Yeah, they'll never know it's a biger engine since all those engines look pretty much alike with maybe just a slightly bigger jug... but unless they know these engines they'll never know the difference..
Got the motor here...
But they jacked the price up a bunch since I scored mine for under $300 deleivered.

Greg at Moto Fusion (for the frame) seems like a nice enough guy and not far away from Phoenix being located in North Hollywood CA, but though I can see $258 for shipping about right, I am scratching my head at some $204 'Import Tax', just don't make sense to move an item 400 miles one state over costing me extra on top.

I bet you end up keeping that one after ya ride it for the first time...
That will be a tough call...
I'm likely to ride that thing a couple miles away to the desert and hurt myself, again.

I have been on a self financed bike building spending spree of late.
That's not like me. I don't have a storefront shop and usually built to order but sometimes opportunities present themselves...

Got a stretched Electra in the bike bay getting just 49cc HS 49cc with 4G now, but have this 66cc Pantera direct drive that is great to ride on hand to sell...

AND I got the shift kit and performance parts from SickBikeParts today to motorize this Fat Tire bike...

That as a 66cc 2-stroke 7-speed shifter may be what I keep but I am fickle when it comes to that, I always have something that needs test riding when it comes down to it and don't really need to own one.
It is nice however to at least own one that's yours and not for sale.

And just
KC's Krusiers Builds
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