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Default Re: Help - Help Me Get Motorized

You don't gear down the engine, just swap out the rear sprocket for one with more teeth... pretty easy actually, you may need a longer chain but chains are cheap, and there's usualy more chain than you need in the kits, I had to cut about 8" off my chain to get it to fit mine, and if you do mess up and cut it too short, just add in an extra master link and add more chain to it.

I've even done that on one of my motorcycles I had before since I had opne sprocket for daily riding and another for faster acceleration, even tho the acceleration sprocket only had 4 more teeth, the engine rpm was way high for normal highway cruising... felt like it was in 4th gear all the time when cruising at 65 or 70 instead of 5th, but it would burn up the 1/4 mile a lot better. The cool part was that I could switch sproclets in about 15 minutes, take it to the strip and race it, then come home and swap sprockets, shorten my chain, and I'm ready for the daily ride to work nice and comfortably.
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