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Default Re: Help - Help Me Get Motorized

Personally that's what I'd do, just stamp under the cylinder 33 or 49cc so when or if they look they'll see that and 99% of the time they'll buy right into it unless they got a 66cc bike at home and know these things really well... which is highly unlikely... Then if they ask for engine size for any reason, you can say "it says 33cc on the side of the engine" that way you're not lying, you just told him what it says on the engine and not what size it really is... An aluminum nameplate with the displacement stamped on it and riveted onto one of the case covers works very well for that trick too... and they wouldn't ask you to tear down your engine to prove anything either... not unless you get stopped and try to run from them or just committed a major crime and use it as your getaway... lol
But realistically, they'll usually buy into whatever you tell them as long as there's no markings saying the real size that they can see...
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