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Default Re: Got a generator today - Now a question

well i was discussing this with the wife as a sounding board so take that in mind.

A 12V may require more voltage then the generator can put out. For instance, In a car setup the battery runs at 12V but the Alternator runs at 13.8V enough to place energy back into the battery. Saying that, with a 12V supply to the battery you would not discharge your lead battery as fast but eventually it would need to be put on a full recharge. I would think it should hold a good usable charge for days if not weeks with the 12v Gen hooked up to the leads.

This also solves the issue of the lights dying when stopped so i would wire the lights thru the switch to the battery and see if the gen saves the charge in the lead battery. even a small seal battery should run a light setup for days before discharge.
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